Kilbeggan Classic Irish Whiskey

Kilbeggan Classic Irish Whiskey
Overall Rating:
(8 / 10)
Color Rating:
(8 / 10)
Nose Rating:
(7 / 10)
Heat Rating:
(7.5 / 10)
Finish Rating:
(8 / 10)
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A double distilled blended whiskey, Kilbeggan manages to be both complex and approachable at the same time, making it the ideal introduction for those exploring the world of Irish whiskey. Its double distillation gives it a robust profile with more character than blends that are triple distilled.


Sweet caramel, vanilla and toasted wood aromas. Delicate malt and clean grain become more apparent with time


Soft almond nougat, peach, caramel and vanilla flavours before finishing quickly with soft, light malt sugar flavours


Dryness persists alongside with some genuine woody oak tones

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