Tom’s Town Double Oaked Bourbon

Tom's Town Double Oaked Bourbon
Overall Rating:
(8.21 / 10)
Color Rating:
(8.05 / 10)
Nose Rating:
(8.45 / 10)
Heat Rating:
(8.15 / 10)
Finish Rating:
(8.05 / 10)
Seth Lyon Bourbon , , ,

With notes of maple, butterscotch, and honey, this bourbon provides a soft mouthfeel and a pleasant warm spice in the middle. The finish is smooth and velvety, with baked cinnamon and toasted nuts.

Tom’s Town Double Oaked Bourbon employs an innovative wood stave finishing process, which begins with traditional aging in white American oak barrels followed by a second aging with French and American oak staves. The staves bring out notes of cocoa and caramel, without the bitterness that can sometimes come with additional aging.

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